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Crédit Agricole Egypt Offers Tailor-made Credit Services to Pharmacists

Out of belief in the important role played by the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt, Crédit Agricole Egypt is introducing new financial services to pharmacists in the form of loans and credit card services at customized repayment rates. These credit facilities, which offer pharmacists a maximum EGP 350,000 in credit payable over a period of up to five years, are available at Credit Agricole Branches throughout the country. The ceiling is determined based on one of two factors – either the number of years in business or the total volume of sales by the pharmacy.

“As part of our continuing mission to meet the needs of our clients, the bank has succeeded in the allocation of services, loans and credit cards for one of the most important sectors in the country that offers and essential service to the public,” stated Credit Agricole Egypt’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. François-Edouard Drion. “Due to our recognition of its importance, we created this tailored credit system for pharmacists in an effort to facilitate its growth.”

Mr. Drion also pointed out that the process through which these services were developed was based on a study conducted by the bank’s teams to ensure the compatibility with the needs of pharmacists.

“Before announcing these new services, we conducted an initial pilot project in order to assess the suitability of the services to the needs of pharmacists. Now, we are launched this service through all Credit Agricole Egypt branches throughout the country with the belief that it will have a real and positive impact on the sector.”

It is worth noting that Credit Agricole Egypt provides a number of products and services that are tailored to the financial needs of various sectors in society include university professors, physicians, dentists and owners of small- and medium-enterprises. Services are also available to physiotherapists and pathologists.

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