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Crédit Agricole Egypt receives five prestigious awards in the year 2023

Cairo, Egypt – January, 2023: Crédit Agricole Egypt has received five prestigious awards from renowned international publications in the year 2023, confirming its leading position in the digital transformation of the banking industry.


The bank was recognized by the International Business Magazine for endorsing the “Best Digital Transformation Program” in Egypt, offering the best-in-class digital services to its customers.  

The bank was also named as the “Digital Banking Provider of the year in Egypt” by the World Business Outlook publication. Additionally, the distinction from the prestigious Global Business Outlook has been awarded to Crédit Agricole Egypt for leading the “Most User-friendly Multichannel Digital Banking Initiative – banki”.

For the 3rd year in a row, CA Egypt’s mobile app- banki Mobile- was recognized as the “Best Mobile Banking App” by renowned international magazine “Global Finance” and “Most Innovative Retail Banking App in Egypt” by the international magazine “Global Banking and Finance Review”, celebrating the bank’s innovative solutions.

These accolades reflect the bank’s strategy pertinent to prioritizing customer satisfaction and long-term relationships, and also showcase its dedicated embracement of technology and digital advancement to provide the best customer experience.

Jean-Pierre Trinelle, Managing Director of Crédit Agricole Egypt, stated “We are delighted that our progressive strides in digital transformation have garnered recognition from esteemed international publications. This acknowledgment stands as a testament to our main goal – to provide accessible and unique banking experiences to our customers.”

“banki Mobile” is a cutting-edge, feature-rich mobile application with over one million connections per month, a monthly average of 10 connections per customer. “banki Mobile” is at the heart of Crédit Agricole Egypt’ digital strategy as more than 98% of domestic transfers are made digitally.

“banki Mobile” was the first application in the market to integrate loyalty program: Happy Points, allowing to redeem points at clients’ favorite stores without any coupon. With customer experience and usefulness at the top of CA Egypt’s priorities, “banki Mobile” has served as an effective catalyst for onboarding new customers to the bank.

Miriam Greiss, Head of Digital and Transactional Banking at Crédit Agricole Egypt, informed “These awards collectively highlight Crédit Agricole Egypt’s exceptional contributions to the digital banking landscape, reinforcing its position as a leader in technological innovation and customer-centric financial services that cater to a diverse customer base.” She added “Our goal is to provide the community with convenient and immediate access to banking services, ensuring that our customers can truly benefit from our continuous efforts.”

The year 2024 will mark the release of a brand-new user interface of “banki Mobile” capitalizing on its new omnichannel platform capabilities and introducing instant transfers 24/7. Bringing agile capabilities, the new omnichannel platform will allow for faster time to market and will reinforce the bank’s proximity to the customers.

Crédit Agricole Egypt’s recognition by esteemed publications is not a new feat. The bank was recognized by international renowned international publications in 2021 and 2022 for its performance, innovative digital solutions, customers satisfaction and corporate governance. This continued recognition underscores Crédit Agricole Egypt’s consistent commitment to excellence across various facets of its operations.


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