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Credit Agricole MYFIRST supports the youth’s education plans during EXPO17

Credit Agricole Egypt sponsored the Student EXPO17 from 30th of September to 1st of October, which was held consecutively in Renaissance Mirage Hotel and Cairo English School.



EXPO17 is the first exhibition in Egypt to provide the ‘Study Abroad Advisory” package for students, which includes academic orientation as well as assistance for getting a travel visa, funding, transportation and accommodation. EXPO17 is targeting high school and college students, offering them full support in their pre-college phase or post-grad studies.

Credit Agricole Egypt has provided students with solutions for two main concerns that they face while planning for their studies abroad: having a bank account with a debit card, and financing their education fees.

Credit Agricole Egypt has launched My First package for Youth designed to pave for them the way to independency and stability. The package comprises saving account with special interest rate, SMS, debit card, loyalty rewards and e-services. In addition, Credit Agricole Egypt offers more importantly career coaching sessions and internship programs for faculty students to support them in the creation of their careers.

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