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Misr El Kheir Signs Protocol for the Delivery of Water to 800 Houses in Assuit

Under the Sponsorship of Credit Agricole Egypt

Misr El Kheir Signs Protocol for the Delivery of Water to 800 Houses in Assuit

Cairo, Egypt – Under the sponsorship of Credit Agricole Egypt, the Misr El Khaeir Foundation has completed the delivery of potable water to 200 of the poorest families in villages in the Governorate of Assuit. The work is in fulfillment of the protocol previously signed with the Governorate of Assuit and the National Water Company.

The protocol aims to deliver potable water to up to 800 needy families in Assuit in cooperation with Crédit Agricole Egypt, underlining the bank’s commitment to social participation for the development of poor families in Upper Egypt.

For its part, Credit Agricole Egypt’s support for the project is part of the commitment by the bank to support social development where it is needed the most.

“We are committed to supporting development in areas where it is needed the most,” says Mr. François-Edouard Drion, Credit Agricole Egypt’s Chairman and Managing Director. “We are very proud of our involvement in the Assuit potable water project because it provides families with a basic need that many take for granted. Credit Agricole Egypt is proud of the achievements of the project so far and is looking forward to more achievements in the future.” This is one of several projects being supported by bank to help in community development.

Assuit Governor, Yehia Keshk, said the services offered by non-governmental organizations, the civil society and the private sector to families in Assuit are a reflection of the partnership that exists between the state and these civil society bodies.

He described these bodies as the “most important pillars” of economic and social development in Egypt.

The Governor applauded Misr El Kheir for the care it extends to needy and poor families in Assuit across all development- and service-sectors.

Mohamed Farag, the director of Misr El Kheir’s office in Assuit, said the protocol his foundation signed with the Governorate of Assuit aspires to bring potable water to as many as 800 needy families in the various villages there. He said the delivery of drinking water to these villages will come at the cost of EGP 800,000.

“We have managed to deliver water to 200 families so far,” Farag said. “We have also taken measures to deliver water to 400 more families in the days to come after getting the necessary approvals and permissions from the Water Company and the local councils concerned,” he added.

Farag expected the work included in the protocol to be finalized by the end of 2013.

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