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Crédit Agricole foundation and Education First foundation celebrate 2022 batches of Ebhar Misr annual boot camp

Cairo, September 6, 2022

Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development and “Education First” Foundation have celebrated the graduation of the 2022 batch of “Ebhar Misr” program. Aiming to reinforce sustainable development and open new horizons for future generations, the two foundations cooperated launching this program to discover and nurture young talents in science, arts and technology. Ebhar Misr program is implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity the Ministry of Education and Technical Education.


The graduation ceremony of the 2022 batch of Ebhar Misr program was held at Cairo Opera House, in the presence of a number of esteemed officials from the supporting entities, and the Ebhar Misr Program alumni. The ceremony was complemented by splendid music performances and short acts featuring the program’s talented youth, not only from this year’s batch, but from Ebhar Misr’s previous graduates. The program is the recipient of constant support from renowned artists such as Hany Shenouda and actor Tarek El Desouki who donated their time and effort to train and guide these young talents, preparing them for their next steps.

The program participants are selected through several successive stages that start when these talented youth – aged of 14 to 18 – submit videos to “Ebhar Misr” electronic platform, presenting their talents. Following an initial review, 20 to 25 talented individuals join the program along three rounds of screening. Since its launch and to date, the program has graduated 89 brilliant talents who were discovered and prepared via the program’s yearlong activities. 

Assem Ragab, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development, praised the significant impact of Ebhar Misr program on its participants, saying that “It granted students the opportunity to turn from talented youth on the lookout for opportunities to shining stars in their fields through both theoretical and practical trainings.”

He added that “Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development strives to enable youth and invest in their talents, underscoring their role in building a bright future for our country. This comes in line with the foundation’s vision, which focuses on achieving sustainable development by launching efficient initiatives that create actual breakthroughs on the ground.”

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hamza, CEO of “Education First” Foundation, indicated that “unearthing talented Egyptian youth represents a main aspect of the foundation’s vision and mission. Since its inception, the foundation has been committed to supporting public education through boosting educational and professional skills of education sector employees, along with fostering and nurturing outstanding students in various fields. It also works on promoting cooperation between the different civil society organizations to optimize education in Egypt and the Arab World.”

Ebhar Misr program delivers several events in science, technology and arts, including an annual camp for school students, which discovers and trains 25 talented individuals nationwide. In addition, a number of annual activities are provided such as art exhibitions at the Faculty of Fine Arts, training sessions covering the program’s different fields and university scholarships in Egypt and abroad. The program has also launched the Social Innovation Competition, an annual competition recently launched by Ebhar Misr with the British University in Egypt acting as its academic partner.

Ebhar Misr Program is a unique opportunity offered by Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development in cooperation with Education First Foundation since 2018. It aims at discovering and nurturing talented students in science, arts and technology.

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