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Crédit Agricole Egypt’ Green Internship for university students

Competition objectives:

Think alone or with a group of your friends about a project that serves one of the 17 sustainable development goals and share your project idea

Who will participate:

Undergraduate students who completed their 3rd year of University ( 4th year in case of Faculty of Engineering)

Subscription terms:

Enter the link, follow the steps and fill out the subscription form in English

Key points:

  • Choose one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals! To know more about the SDGs, please visit 
  • Show how your project contributes to serving a sustainable community through one of the goals
  • It must be an innovative idea in society and contribute in building an environmentally friendly world
  • Show the time plan for the implementation of the project
  • Show the target budget for the implementation of the project (at the lowest cost and most value)

The awards:

  • The top 3 projects owner will win 10 KEGP 
  • The top 10 projects owner/owners will have a free “My First” account with no admin fees. You can check the “My First” package benefits from 
  • The top 10 projects owner/owners will be placed on the priority list for Recruitment in CAE (post-graduation and subject to Vacancies)


The winners will be announced on 29 September 2022


Please complete the form to provide details about your submission.

for Green Internship Registration “individual Application” click here

for Green Internship Registration “Team application” click here